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A day in Phuket…


Welcome to Phuket! You just got off the plane, tired but excited to find out all about this beautiful island?

Here’s a brief guideline on how to get around Phuket as a true islander!

Let’s begin with breakfast, traditionally salty; very popular are the “Dim-Sum” a selection of small bite-size portion of food served in small steamer basket or on small plates along with a cup of fresh grounded coffe. Locals also love to eat sweet treats such as Katom Mud (sticky rice cooked in sweet coconut milk and wrapped in banana leaves).

Along the roads You will find numerous street vendors selling chicken/beef/fish grilled skewers and spicy soups; if you’re vegetarian no worries, Phuket offers several places who serves exclusively vegan food, look out for yellow flags and signs and you will not be disappointed!

If you truly want to feel like a local then try to order food in Thai language, below a few examples:

Pad Thai: these are glass or flat noodles stir fried with eggs, tofu and tiny dried shrimps; you can ask for chicken (Gai), beef (Nuea), pork (Moo) or shrimps (Goong)

Gai Tod: one of local’s favourite. It’s basically deep fried chicken but with a secret recipe which makes it delicious (forget about KFC!!!) served with Khao Niew (sticky rice)

Kanom Jeen: Noodles in a coconut milk curry soup with vegetables and a choice of chicken, beef or fish

After breakfast you should visit one of the many fresh food markets to buy your groceries…. you will find fresh and tasty tropical fruit, vegetables, colourful deserts, and vast selection of freshly cooked local food. You can buy ready made curry paste, mild if you’re not used to spicy stuff or hot for the bravest! Be careful though, Thai people are used to hot food and when they say hot (Peet) is much hotter than western standards.

We recommend you to indulge in those markets and let the asian scents drive you around.

If you’re feeling home-sick Phuket also offers a great selection of supermarkets where you’ll be able to find all western products.

Shopping done? Time for the beach then! All along the western coast you will find white sandy beaches with crystal clear water and coconut palm trees…. need something else??? From the southern tip of the island to the far north the selection is incredible; our favourites are Nai Harn, Kata Noi, Surin, Layan and Mai Khao, but the recommendation is to rent a scooter and visit them all.

Get your swim trunks and bikinis, towels, sun-cream and hat ready, the sun is hot! If your skin is pale use high protection and wear long sleeves shirts all the time, in the end of the day all you want is happy memories, not red skin!!!