Buying your perfect vacation home

Our rental pool program was designed to completely align the goals of owners with that of management. We ensure the owners that management earns a fee only when the owners receive an income.

At Villa Sunpao you are buying the perfect Vacation Home

Our Resort Program

There are several benefits to being a part of our rental pool. The owners who intend to use their villa for only limited periods and investors looking for best rental returns can become a part of our Rental pool. We take the management and we produce a net profit with no risk and costs for owners. all units of the rental pool are in the same location, there is a shared set of accounting records which make it easier for us to manage, and the profit is passed on to the owners.

This system enhances profitability, makes favoritism impossible, and eliminates loss of revenue for any particular residence if it is made unavailable for rental because of regular maintenance and repairs. If any unit in the rental pool is damaged, the cost of repair is shared across the rental pool. Rental incomes are split fairly, with 50% going to owners and 50% to the Management Company and owners have no marketing and no ordinary maintenance and management fees to sustain.

Marketing and Management

Our Group has founded its own property management company in 2006 to eliminate mark-ups and overheads charged by third party providers. We focus on managing every aspect of our operations in-house – everything from employing our own maintenance and carpentry team to doing laundry and gardening.

Villa Sunpao versatile floor plans are perfectly adapted to the needs of the tourist market. The two bedrooms villas can be converted into single bedrooms and they are perfect for couples, the three and five bedrooms villas are perfect to respond to the needs of families and other groups.

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